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I am a highly motivated and accomplished web developer building beautiful and functional websites for everyone! I enjoy each aspect, and love building full-stack websites from start to finish, for clients all over the world using current technologies. I pride myself on my eagerness and ability to learn new skills and am extremely passionate about my work.

In 2018, I attended Griffith University to get my Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Software Development. My passion & main focus recently has been making websites and I consistently follow all new technology trends. Each day I'm met with exciting challenges and I love problem solving for clients.

I am dedicated to learning, evaluating and applying new technologies in order to enhance functionality and content. In my spare time and as a way of relaxing I like watching motorsports, sim-racing and going fishing.

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What I can do for you

Web Development

I'm able to develop high quality, innovative and cost effective websites while using the latest technologies and concepts.

Online Store

I'm able to create ecommerce website for your business to revolve and flourish around.

Web Hosting

I'm able to host and manage your websites for you on a range of hosting platforms such as Digital Ocean.


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The Bait Shop Gold Coast Portfolio Image
Web Development

The Bait Shop Gold Coast

The Bait Shop Gold Coast is a WordPress website using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. The main purpose of the website is to promote The Bait Shop Gold Coast products and generate online and instore sales. WooCommerce tool is used within the website to add products and services. Current payment methods integrated within the website are PayPal and Stripe. The website is also SEO optimised generating thousands of viewers on a daily basis.

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Web Development

Robs Driving School

Robs Driving School website was created to help promote the organisation throughout the Gold Coast and was built using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP and Javascript. The website includes images, videos, contact form and Google Maps.

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Robs Driving School Portfolio Image
Spotify Clone Portfolio Image
Web Development

Spotify Clone

SpotifyClone website was created using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MYSQL for the database. The database has the following tables, albums, artists, genres, playlists, playlistsongs, songs, users and resetpasswords. AJAX calls were used to retrieve data such as songs, albums, genres and playlists from the server. Features of the SpotifyClone include users being able to register an account, search for their favourite artists, songs and albums through the search bar, create your own customisable playist. Users are also able to control the music just like Spotify by being able to play, pause, skip, shuffle, repeat and go back to the previous song.

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Web Development

Netflix Clone

NetflixClone website was created using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MYSQL for the database. The database has the following tables, videos, categories, entities, videoprogress, users, resetpasswords and billingdetails. AJAX calls were used to retrieve data such as videos, categories and videoprogress. Features of the NetflixClone include users being able to register an account, stream movies and TV shows, being able to search for your favourite movie or TV Shows. The video control players allow users to be able to play, pause and skip to the next video. Paypal integration has also been added, however it isn't present on the live demo or the public Github repo. Please email me for a private demo with Paypal integration.

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Netflix Clone Portfolio Image

Work Experience

Past and current jobs

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  • Freelancer

    Building websites using latest web technologies such as PHP, Wordpress, Laravel Angular and Node for clients around the globe. I have experience working for a variety of clients, time management, project management, client relations and problem solving tasks. During my current time freelancing I have been able to develop my programming skills and have the ability to operate with professionalism.

  • ProxyMillion - Customer Service

    I was required to provide support by answering techinal questions through Intercom. Providing professional quality assistance in a polite, friendly and respectful manner. Other tasks included creating, rebooting and editing proxy packages for customers.

  • Devslopes - Community Organiser

    I was required to represent the Devslopes community by communicating updates and events, and report and respond to feedback. My main responsibilities were to work with the VP of Devslopes Products to create and post creative content for events such as: monthly AMA's, livestreams, collecting user feedback on the Devslopes platform and assisting in prioritising them for the team, reporting all bugs in the platform, assist in editing videos, maintain the Discord and Slack community channels, assist in finding, scheduling, and producing weekly Student Summits and Student Success stories, promoting Devslopes to the wide growing community.

  • Woolworths - Customer Service

    At Woolworths I was a casual part time worker and I enjoyed working with a large team. My roles included serving and providing customers food from the Deli, Seafood and Meat departments. My main role was to provide customers with a memorable experience to make them want to come back to Woolworths.

Education and Achievements

Education and personal achievements
  • Bachelor Information Technology Majoring in Software Development

    I am currently attending Griffith University on the Gold Coast and I will be graduating late 2020.

  • Griffith Award for Academic Excellence

    In 2019 I recieved the Griffith Award for Academic Excellence for achieving a cumulative career GPA of at least 6.0 which is calculated over the academic year.


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